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Our company aims at planning improvement in the surface management technology-industrialization technology and the coexistence and the coprosperity of the member mutuality.
And a research, development, consultant and a stockholder - our company (laboratory) -customer, user are organized, and the unique enterprise system that it is networked in the form of "the membership system occasion (The Metal Chemical Industry Society etc.)" makes the standard of our company history since the foundation and the continuance - development.




Kinzoku Kako Gijutsu Kenkyusho Co.,Ltd. are development, manufacture and sales the additive, brightener for the surface plating.
Certificated ISO-9001 in all office.


Head office
ZIPCODE 131-0043
4-28-22 Tachibana Sumida-ku TOKYO JAPAN
TEL : 03-3617-4600 FAX : 03-3617-4688
Certificated in all office.
 Cleaning agent・Pre-treatment agent

Chlorine substitutive cleaning agent KZ-5000
Alkaline boiling degreasing agent AC-1000
Acid degreasing agent KBA-E
Activated agent KA-3
Electrolytic cleaning agent PREMENT-SB
Zincate treatment agent ALZIC-55

 Chemical polishing
Chemical polishing for Zinc die cast BUFFNON-Z
Chemical polishing for Zinc die cast BUFFNON-ZSP
Chemical polishing for IronBUFFNON F5
 Copper brightener
Cyanide Copper brightener KC-1 KC-3
Pyrophosphoric acid Copper brightener KAPY-3M
Copper sulfate brightener COPSOAL-108)
 Nickel brightener
Semi bright Nickel brightener UNICOAT 1000
Bright Nickel brightener PROMASTER NEO21
Bright Nickel brightener PROMASTER5000l
White color Nickel brightener SUPERNICOL
Barrel plating brightener REVOL PX103
Boric acid free. Brightener for Nickel citrate solution. PROMASTER CTL
Non Leveling brightener LENOCTOR-LB
Impurities repression agent KN-IR
 Variously Chromium plating agents
Most suitable for decoration, plastic plating CHROMIR 70
Decorative Chromium CHROMIR REGULS
Hard Chromium for industry parts MARRA X
Hard Chromium for industry parts CHROMIR 82HCR
Black Chromium for decorative EBONICHROM 85B
Mist prevention agent Non mist CR
 Zinc plating agents
Zincate brightener RONOZINC100
Chromium free rust prevention agent ZERO CHROMIUM SYSTEM
High corrosion resistance trivalent Chromate SurTec 680
 Electroless plating
Sulfur free. High corrosion resistance NIPRONN 924
General-purpose, continuous supply type NIPRON 640
For Aluminum material type NIPRON 790
High phosphorus, non-magnetic type NIPRON 850
One liquid type NIPRON 250
RoHS regulation 、Lead free NIPRON 930
 Alloys • Coloring plating
Nickel allergy countermeasure product.Substitution of Nickel plating SADDAK RS
Black Nickel salt EBONI SALT N
Black alloy (Blue black) ACTY
Acid Gold plating AUKIDE GS-21
Substitution Gold plating KIG-76
 Rust preventionStrip agent
 Waste water treatment agent
Electrolytic rust prevention treatment. PROTECTOR EC
Water solubility water break/Discoloration rust prevention agent. KPC-2003
Electrolytic stripping agent for rack. DEPLATER ST
Non cyanide stripping agent NIFLAK E
Heavy metals sedimentation waste water agent. SETRA LX
Plating stripper agent KST-1
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